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Quality Lawn Mowing

Liberty Lawn Service, Inc. specializes in clean, beautiful mowing. 


We use only the best equipment and keep our blades sharp. Our Walker mowers are equipped with "pop up" decks which allow us to maintain our decks on the field and touch up our blades with a file when necessary. We want to cut your grass, not rip it with dull blades which promotes disease and an unsightly cut. Cutting with sharp blades stimulates growth and a healthier looking turf.


It is truly our pleasure when you allow us to do our very best to help you "liberate your back and beautify your lawn!"

Quality Landscape Installations

When we are not out mowing, our talented landscape crew loves to liberate your back and beautify your landscape! Below are a few pictures of what the stairway to the right was before we transformed it.

Other Services:

Power Raking

Liberty Lawn Service, Inc. is equipped to take the thatch out of your lawn so that air, light, lawn food and water can penetrate your turf and get down to the root system more efficiently and save on your watering bill. The lawn pictured to the left was mowed short first to allow for a more thorough power raking job. As you can see, our machine pulls up quite a bit of dead or unhealthy grass. After our power rake operation, we use our Walker mowers to "vaccum" the debris and haul it away for you leaving you with a fresh clean start.


After your power raking, you'll want to feed your lawn with a good quality high nitrogen fertilizer to get it green and growing again. We use a pellet type fertilizer made right here in Montana. So be sure to ask us for an estimate on feeding your lawn as well.

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